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PLAYBob Dearborn, Larry O'Brien, WCFL Chicago
October 26, 1972

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. . . In 1917, Brazil declared war against Germany . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Contributor Tom Konard wrote that "this team lasted about two weeks!". This hour features Bob Dearborn and Larry O'Brien from 8-9AM on WCFL. Dearborn explains why the team didn't last longer:

"The reason — the ONLY reason — the pairing lasted for such a short period is that Larry had been negotiating with a radio station in Pittsburgh and finally accepted their offer. He revealed to me, somewhat sheepishly, the possibility of his leaving just after our two-man morning show launched. We had been great friends, working side-by-side at 'CFL for two years, and hearing our jock office banter gave the GM the idea of teaming us for a morning show. Larry went along with it, not knowing then if his secret deal in Pittsburgh would come through. When it did, he left (after giving two weeks notice), and with considerable regret — not about leaving the station, but for abandoning me in that new morning show enterprise.

We were ALL sorry to see that team end. Management was so enthralled with what we had done in those three weeks that they immediately began searching for a new partner for me, to keep the two-man morning show going. After trying and failing to lure Fred Winston from WLS (he was for it but ABC took us to court and won), we found World Famous Tom Murphy, who became my new on-air partner in January, 1973."

It's October 26, 1972, the November election is coming up, so enjoy the political spot that is so bad it breaks up the hosts (@25:29 on the 'scoped version). You will also hear SuperScore promos, an ongoing giveaway of small prizes.

Two outstanding newscasts, the first with Mike Rollins, the second with Rick James. Both are assisted by Walt Hamilton and Bud Kelly.


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