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PLAY   Mad Daddy WINS New York August 31, 1963 (27:38)

. . . Those four-button idiots who run this coffee grinder need to see the mail, I mean, it serves as a reminder. They're unaware we're on the air, so tell 'em your Dad's the man with the special sound you dig the most . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Exhibit contributed by Andy Bologovsky]

Mad Daddy (aka: Pete Myers, 1928-1968) is the center of attraction for all the action on this remarkably clean studio recording from August 31, 1963.

The audio, in fact, is SO good that you can hear all the grungy reality of well-played 45's. But you'll also hear a remarkable clarity on Daddy and some other program elements. Just depended on what machine they used to play 'em, I guess, and how many times they'd been played.

Daddy sings a WINS jingle! And several fab-ad treasures are featured here, including Bob & Ray for Piels beer. Laggards of The World Unite! Actually, considering the vintage and honestly high fidelity of this exhibit - every second is a gift. Our thanks to contributor Andy Bologovsky.

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