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CJ Brown was "born at an early age back in 1950." He spent the first part of his life growing up in the great southwest in Tucson, Arizona, but lived much of his adult life in the Great Lakes area near Toledo, Ohio. His earliest music and radio memories go back to when he first heard "Green Door" coming out of his Mom's radio back in 1956. He says he was a "real obsessed listener by the summer of 1961, at age 11."

CJ has never been a DJ, but he's developed an interest in both music and radio. He writes:

"While living in Tucson I was fortunate to be able to travel with my family to the Midwest and Great Lakes area often. Since I have been living in the Midwest I have been lucky enough to travel back to the southwest often. This has provided me a chance to listen and enjoy some great radio in both areas of the country, plus all of the other places in between. I wish I had a tape recorder to use every time I crossed the country on route 66.

I have a nice collection of music, jingles, charts and airchecks from over the years. I never knew so many others were interested in the same things before the age of the Internet. Most of the airchecks featured here were recorded originally by others."

The Repository thanks CJ Brown for sharing!

[Descriptions by CJ Brown]

G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32 Kbps (11 Khz)
Gary Seger, KRIZ Phoenix AZ August 3, 1961 (19:20)

Thanks to Arizona music mavens Dan Nowicki and John Dixon for this great-sounding aircheck, dubbed from reel tape saved by Gary Seger.
. . . Vacuum-clean from fun lovin' K-R-I-Z . . .

This 'scoped, studio-recorded aircheck of Gary Seger on KRIZ covers most of the 7AM hour of Gary's show on Thursday, August 3, 1961. The edited music here includes many "lost" gems that are not heard much anymore,
Gary Seger, 1961
including Damita Jo with the "answer song" to Ben E. King's Stand By Me (called I'll Be There.)

There are plenty of KRIZ jingles, (just like KFWB and KEWB in 1961) including two different Gary Seger themes, an example of early rap for Rambler, and a contest for the best definition of a "Seger".

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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32 Kbps (8 Khz)
Ray Lindstrom, KTKT Tucson AZ., January 5, 1963 (26:37)

Ray Lindstrom,
c. 1963
. . . right here on KTKT, with the city's highest unpaid circulation . . .

Here is the opening half-hour of Ray Lindstrom's then regular Sunday evening program on 10KW Color Channel 99 KTKT in Tucson, Arizona. This exhibit shines with legendary music, Pepper-Tanner jingles and an admirable performance by Ray, an original member of The Swinging Seven. You'll also hear one of the strangest "time-tones" ever, but you will seldom hear the Top Tune of the Day aka the Top of the Pop Crop anywhere today.

Ray mentions Anonymous Anything, a weekly call-in program hosted by General Manager Phil Richardson, an early talk format without the benefit of tape-delay technology. Richardson would voice the caller's question. The same procedure was used by Joe Pyne in Phoenix.

Classic spots include Johnny Barker's Record Counter, voiced by KTKT PD Guy Williams, The Roaster Restaurant, voiced by Jerry Stowe, an upcoming concert voiced by DJ Tim Parker and an old favorite for Burger Chef.

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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32 Kbps (8.5 Khz)
Tony Evans, KDOT Scottsdale AZ, August 12, 1964 (53:14)

. . . Hey, should I go ahead and break it anyway? Should I gamble my job? . . .

Most Phoenix area radio veterans and listeners from the late fifties to early seventies era would agree the two main contenders for the top 40 title in the Valley of the Sun would be KRUX and KRIZ. But during 1964, a daytime only station from Scottsdale — an upstart from 1440 — would throw its hat into the ring. We get to hear the KDOT attempt to enter the top 40 war in Phoenix on this aircheck. The first few minutes of this check are the closing moments of the noon to 3 PM DJ, Bob Pond. The last song you'll hear Bob play is "You're For Me", a song recorded by Phoenix's own Bob "Easy Deal" Wilson.

The sound starts out a little rough but improves after a couple of minutes. Lightning splatter from a nearby thunderstorm, and some fading, is heard throughout the entire aircheck. It's mostly unscoped, but the 3 PM news, a Jimmy Fiddler Hollywood news and gossip report, a sports report with Tony and the 4 PM news are 'scoped out. We do get to hear Tony do the 3:30 headlines. Most of the remainder is intact. Tony uses lots of the elements he would become better known for in the sixties. His use of phone call-ins on the air is novel for the time. Lots of humor and his laughter drop-ins are included. Tony tries to mediate things between two different Beatles fan clubs. He manages to throw a couple of barbs at girls from Glendale and also KRUX (brand X).

Tony makes mention of Ladmo and Wallace. These are the stars of a long running children's program that appealed to many ages on Phoenix TV. He also lets us know how he feels about the music, and about the Stones, Beatles and Animals. "People Say" by The Dixie Cups is one of his favorites.

This aircheck was originally recorded by Pat Maestro, and precedes much of Tony Evans radio career in Phoenix.

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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32 Kbps (8.5 Khz)
Hadley Madley, KRIZ Phoenix AZ, April 22, 1966 (05:39)

Hadley Madley,
. . . Man loves a woman, everything's fine . . .

Probably the most popular and successful black DJ in Phoenix during the sixties, Hadley "I Love You" Madley is doing evenings at KRIZ. This aircheck starts at the end of KRIZ Control News about 11:22pm, and ends at the conclusion of the next newscast at about 11:42pm.

The high point on this brief glimpse of Hadley is the spot for an upcoming Isley Brothers concert at the Jamaica Ballroom. Hadley follows up with the KRIZ Classic "Shout" by the Isleys and stirs up the concert excitement.

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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32 Kbps (8.5 Khz)
Peter Huntington May, KIKX Tucson, February 9, 1968 (13:11)

Picture of Peter May
Peter Huntington May,
. . . Peter Huntington May, leading the way . . .

Peter Huntington May arrived in Tucson from wintry Minneapolis in early January of 1968. Peter came on board at KIKX to do evenings. Back in Minnesota, Peter had worked at WDGY. Peter was also involved with the local Minneapolis music scene where he managed and produced the rock group Stillroven - a job he continued to do by long distance after moving to Tucson.

May also became host of the KZAZ TV 11 weekday afternoon program "Discotheque 68", a teen music and dance show. On this aircheck, Peter Huntington May is doing his Friday night KIKX show. It is a Solid Gold Weekend. Sonny and Cher are featured on a promo for an upcoming KIKX concert event called the Psychedelic Circus. No details for the concert just yet. The aircheck ends during a Dan Ryan 20/20 newscast. One of the spots heard here includes a classic Tucson sixties sandwich shop - King Hero on the corner of Speedway and Columbus. It's now long gone.

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