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PLAYEric Chase, KFI Los Angeles, August 31, 1979 (28:42)

Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (10:11)

. . . What else do I know in French? . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

El Chasero is Eric Chase on the last BIG 50KW to join the Top 40 revolution!

Chase is the exceptionally talented, tested, approved and Professional Top 40 Veteran. And KFI is the most polished, well-behaved AM Top 40 of all time, programmed by the legendary John Rook (KQV, WLS, WCFL).

Stan Brown is also featured with a feature about the 1979 bus strike, a major inconvenience in a city like Los Angeles with limited public transportation. This unsponsored feature was called public service programming. If you need more information on this, call your local station. If you're lucky, a person will actually be there and answer the phone.

Only one KFI Whisper in this all-too-short aircheck, but gee, what a great idea. Instead of playing songs back-to-back, why not find a clever, quick, non-intrusive and effective way to identify your brand? That way your listeners would know what they are listening to and .. oh sorry. I forgot. I've exceeded your attention span.


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