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. . . Remember, at WMAK, we want to make sure that you're happy . . .

[Description by contributor Curt Lundgren]

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This was recorded Tuesday, January 2, 1968 on the return trip to Minneapolis from Florida. Just like the WIFE aircheck made the following day in Indianapolis, I'd been forced to quit driving by bad weather. In this instance, some really nasty freezing rain in "middle Tennessee" had made U.S. 41 too icy to continue. I stopped at a motel in Murfreesboro, 40 or 50 miles from Nashville. You'll hear a lot of weather-related closings or delays here, including all public and private schools.

Contests were Cash Call and Guess The Golden. Jack Edgar is heard with news headlines at the bottom of the hour. Gene Clark apparently did 11AM to 3PM on WMAK at the time. A close listen reveals Dick Kent did morning drive. Musically, this aircheck is pretty surprising. Nashville, of course, ruled Country music. But this exhibit starts with with some classic "deep soul" by Percy SledgeCover Me. In fact, there's so much soul represented here that
NOISYSometimes, we can't remove noise without removing too much of the audio! This exhibit is not representative of the higher-quality exhibits in this Collection. It has a high level of tape hiss.
I was playing half the music on the R&B daytimer I worked at then (KUXL in Minneapolis). Only one out-and-out country title here, and it was a pretty large crossover: Skip A Rope by Henson Cargill. WMAK was a good month ahead of Billboard on Playboy by Gene & Debbe, a big southern regional record. Joe South's Birds Of A Feather was another big record in the South.

This was not a particularly polished station, but it does have a lot of history. The call letters were first assigned to a station in Martinsville, New York, and still survive today in (oddly enough) Murfreesboro, as WMAK-FM, with an oldies format.

Gene Clark passed away on August 10, 2006. He was 66 years old.



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