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PLAYKDWB Monkees Broadcast, August 4 1967 (01:04:39)

This August 4, 1967 aircheck of KDWB was recorded by long-time Repository contributor Curt Lundgren.

Included: Earl Trout, Tac Hammer, Charlie Brown, Jimmy Reed, Bobby Davis, The Monkees, and others.

[Description by Curt Lundgren]

. . . KDWB belongs to The Monkees . . .

I had decided to tape some Bobby Davis on KDWB from Midnight to 1:00, when out of the blue, KD launches their "Monkees at Secret City" coup. The Monkees were due to play the St. Paul Auditorium that day, and the station arranged a complete remote setup in their hotel rooms.

Monkees Courtesy RHINO RECORDS
This exhibit is 'scoped, and covers the setup, the welcoming at Twin Cities International Airport (around 12:15 am), and highlites of the group being jocks.

Listen for the Mickey Dolenz segment, which was 'way into the wee hours, when he pokes at the critics and lauds the Beatles for being the true creative force in Pop.

Later that fall, the station reprised moments of the Monkee broadcasts in 2-3 minute segments during the Arbitron.


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