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PLAYNatural Neil, KYA San Francisco, Jan 17, 1977 (39:57)

. . . Yeah, I cherchez la femme, once - got ninety days for it . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

We wanted to learn more about Natural Neil, (Neilson Ross), the talented KYA morning guy featured in this partial snapshot of the 8AM hour on January 18, 1977, and we did! It turns out that this exhibit appeared on the same day that Neil was co-announcer on the 2003 Oscar telecast. Check COMMENTS (below) for more, and visit Neil at www.neilrossvo.com, and as of March 21, 2004, please visit The Neil Ross Collection at REELRADIO.

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This is one of several airchecks made by Twin Cities contributor Curt Lundgren during a visit to San Francisco. Boz Scaggs and Dr. Buzzard are conspicuous Bay Area faves, and we are reminded again of the tremendous musical variety (not diversity) of Top40 radio. Larry Brownell is featured with a traffic and news segment. And there are jingles! Geez, it was 1977, were they JAM?

KYA was still Top40 in January, 1977 — a survivor of years of competition with KFRC. Natural Neil is interesting — teasingly casual and seemingly hip, while demonstrating a masterful command of alternate voices and dialects. I wish I could hear a morning show like this now - the few commercial sets consist of only one unit and there is less than five minutes of commercial time in the entire 39 minutes! Unfortunately, this is probably why I can't hear a morning show like this anymore. Radio stations are so expensive since the "deregulation" legislation of 1996...


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