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PLAYThe True Don Bleu, KDWB Minneapolis-St. Paul, October 1968 (45:00)

. . . It's Creedence Clearwater Revival and his friends, in a big tent with sawdust on the floor . . .

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This REELRADIO exhibit from contributor Curt Lundgren is presented in recognition of the induction of The True Don Bleu into the Minnesota Broadcasters Hall of Fame on October 29, 2005. Curt taped this on a Saturday in October 1968.

Bleu is a native of East Grand Forks, Minnesota, and started his radio career in 1966 at hometown station KILO with the encouragement of University of North Dakota classmate Shadoe Stevens. A step up to KQWB in Fargo eventually led to KDWB in the Twin Cities, where he enjoyed major success for ten years.
Be true to The True Don Bleu, 4-7 p.m.
The True Don Bleu, from a 1968 KDWB Heavy Hit List

His success in Minnesota opened the door to KHJ in Los Angeles, and in 1980, he moved to San Francisco, where he was twice named National Adult Contemporary Air Personality of the Year by Radio & Records. As of October 2005, Bleu was continuing a long run as Morning host on Star 101.3 FM in San Francisco.

REELRADIO congratulates Don Bleu on his induction into the Minnesota Broadcasters HOF and on his long and successful career in music radio.


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