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PLAYNinth Street West, KHJ-TV Los Angeles, 4-30-1965 (07:43)

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

. . . Leaping Lizards! Gloryoski, Zero! Nice to see you shortnoses again . . .

KHJ Boss Jocks and The Boss Elephant
It's April 30, 1965, and here's some of the audio portion of Ninth Street West, a program hosted by Sam Riddle on KHJ-TV (Channel 9) in Los Angeles. It's the first television appearance of all of the original Boss Jocks and a return performance for Big Boss, the official KHJ Boss Elephant.

The elephant talks (somehow) and we don't know if the Boss Jocks lip-synched to Little Duece Jocks (a higher fidelity recording of the song is featured in another exhibit.)

Elephant painting is all the rage, and Dave Diamond, Robert W. Morgan, Gary Mack and Roger Christian read the names of the previous week's artists.


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