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PLAYBob Crane, KNX Los Angeles, March 9, 1962 (35:36)

[Description by Don Jennett]

. . . Woody Herman ... who's now working with a quartet, because it's cheaper . . .

This 1962 recording was made by placing the microphone of a tape recorder near the speaker of a small radio. Although this exhibit has been carefully processed for online presentation, the fidelity is limited to that of the original recording.
The original "morning drive war" in Los Angeles in the early 1960's featured Bob Crane of KNX (AM & FM) vs Dick Whittinghill at KMPC. Things could — and occasionallly DID — get tempestuous, and the "feud" lasted until 1965, when Crane left KNX for the lead role in Hogan's Heroes.

The two morning legends must have patched things up, though, because in his post-"Hogan" years, Crane often sat in when Whittinghill was vacationing from KMPC.

This aircheck also features a segment from The Bickersons.


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