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PLAYBobby Rich, KHJ Los Angeles July 3, 1973 (17:04)

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

. . . No I'm Not. . . .

When Bobby Rich tells the losing Phrase that Pays contestant that she could have won five thousand dollars, and he is NOT kidding, he sounds as serious as a heart attack (to fall back on a phrase.) Just a few years after this KHJ near-Independence Day moment, Mr. Rich programmed the award-winning B-100 in San Diego. Here, Bobby shows us that he really does know the basics, and that he can follow format as good as any of those 1973 era KHJ jocks. So there.

Several memorable commercial announcements are featured in this narrowband sample, including one involved with hiding in a Hostess cupcake, because Hostess cupcakes are more than just food, they're your friends. It's deep inside him and he's deep inside it. Yikes. RC Cola is right for you and KHJ is continuing to lead the way with more minutes of hit music than any other station in Southern California.

Robert W. Morgan is featured on promos and production elements (KHJ Remembers, The Summer of 93). Danny Thomas sings for Music City and the acapella jings and The Temptations for Coca-Cola are both very 60's-like. This aircheck leaves the impression that not much changed at KHJ between 1965 and 1973.


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