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PLAYDean Stevens, KROY Sacramento, 1979 (06:19)

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

. . . Love, please be tender with my fanny - it's the only one I got! . . .

Contributor Don Jennett says he found this one in the cabbage patch after midnight. It appears to be a little bit of Dean Stevens as a young child on KROY (1240) in Sacramento, on April 29, 1979. Dean did a couple of years at KFRC/San Francisco in the early '90's.

One jingle is heard; I don't remember any jingles on KROY-AM in 1979, but that's probably because I was down the hall trying to save KROI-FM from a "movie-themes" format.

I saw Dean at the KROY Reunion on October 5, 2002, and he couldn't possibly be more than 31 years old. That would have made him 8 when this aircheck was recorded, on reel, at the studio. It's a fun listen, Dean was always smilin'!


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