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PLAYRobert W. Morgan, KHJ Los Angeles, May 27, 1968 (58:20)

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. . . We all know where it's at - the problem is, there's not enough to go around . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky for this exhibit contributed by Don Jennett]

With the debut of this exhibit on May 27, 2012, the music and some of the classic KHJ jingles have been restored to this hissy, wobbly recording of a classic Robert W. Morgan show on KHJ from exactly 44 years ago.

There's one gag after another... the orange juice tasted funny, and he's gotta stop hanging out with the guys at the Ranch Market at five in the morning. There's no smog, there is smog, and the mood is definitely fun and even silly on this Morgan show from 1968.

Morgan goes nuts with Farquahr bits. Jim Lawrence has a ten-minute newscast, and this aircheck leads directly into Charlie Tuna on KHJ from the same day.


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