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PLAY Robert W. Morgan, KHJ Los Angeles, February 21, 1969 (01:01:33)

. . . Ladies and Gentlemen, The History of Rock and Roll, a hundred and thirty-six seconds from now . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky from notes by contributor Don Kent]

Scotty Brink opens this exhibit, and Bill Drake introduces the special hosted by Robert W. Morgan, the Ultimate Narrator for the debut presentation of what is arguably the greatest Special Feature of the Top 40 era, and the first radio rockumentary. This program defined all the programs that followed. It was the first.

This is the opening hour for the 48-hour special, broadcast Friday, February 21, 1969. It was conceived and produced by Ron Jacobs, The original Boss Radio Boss.

Following the unprecedented success of this legendary broadcast, Jacobs left KHJ later that year.

This REELRADIO exhibit was recorded off-air by contributor Don Kent.

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