Dick Stoddard of Reno, Nevada, worked Boss Radio at KUDL in Kansas City, KS, 1969. Dick also worked with Otis Conner Productions (Dallas), and keeps a cart machine at home, along with a very special collection of classic jingles and airchecks - and custom carts, of course. This guy can do "Instant Requests" for jingle packages! Pretty amazing..

Dick is a great fan of Top 40 radio. What's included here represents just a fraction of his collection. Dick was a *very* early contributor. All these exhibits are in Real Audio 2.0! Someday, we hope to get the originals from Dick again so we can upgrade the encoding. (We didn't keep masters way back then.)

The totally cool pics of the BOSS record surveys on this page are also courtesy of Dick (write him if you don't understand the significance of the KYNO survey). That's Bill Stevens of KYNO, taking a noon-day recess on the monkey bars, and Don Kelly of KFRC (with bananas) who delivers "a whole bunch o' hits" 9 to Midnight, at the Big 610.

Last we heard, Dick was a weather guy on Channel 8 TV in Reno, Nevada. The Repository is grateful to Mr. Stoddard for his generous contributions!

Thank you, Dick!

[Descriptions by Uncle Ricky]

Bwana Johnny, WWDJ, Hackensack NJ, 1972 (3:13)

In this hour of the Bwana Johnny program, there will be 60 minutes...

How could you argue with that? WWDJ was an early representative of new school Top 40 - what eventually became CHR. No jingles, no big time production elements, call letters first - the only thing that remained was the music and personality. Bwana used a "boing" for a time tone, for all I know, as a protest against the sterility of the format. I know very little about this aircheck other than New Jersey is near New York and at one time, that seemed important.

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Funny EBS Test, WLOF, Orlando, FL 1973 (:58)

..This is only a test

For those who never heard this, it's funny. Not legal then, or now, it's the Funny EBS Test from Bill Vermillion and WLOF, Orlando, FL, about 1973. (The majority of the "warning tone" has been edited out.)

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Dr. Don Rose on KFRC, 1973 (8:29)

..Let's get down on all fours and look at it from the boss's point of view ...

This one is by request - several times over. Dr. Don Rose on KFRC - where he became immensely popular in northern California before retiring from broadcasting. This 'check is from his second day on the Big 610 - He had been on WFIL, Philadelphia, just a week before.

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KYA (San Francisco) Gives a Shirt, 1973 (1:52)

..The Shirt Goes On...

Bits of Randy Curtis and Bill Holly are featured on this short sample of KYA in their retirement years. They had finer hours. What number was that I should call, again? Notable is the "hanging AAAAAA" on the jingles - different.

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The Ultimate Contest, KCBQ, San Diego, 197x? (2:04)

..In case of ties, duplicate prizes will be awarded...

Until you know what the Prize in the Ultimate Contest is, you won't appreciate the humor in "duplicate prizes." Was this ever really on the air, or was it just a joke? I know it was a joke, I mean - was this ever really on the air? Jack McCoy returns in a parody of his very own Last Contest.

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Rich Brother Robbin on KCBQ, 1973 (7:44)

..Tomorrow - the Invasion of the Rolling Stones - I read the memo!

We got some help on this one! (Check Comments.) Whatever happened to Rich Brother Robbin? He had apparently "returned" to KCBQ on this 'check, in July of 1973. It was "British Invasion Week" at the "Q". As always, Jack McCoy's brilliant production elements dominate. Rich Brother's enthusiasm is all over this 'check. It's loud, distorted, and proud!

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Dr. Don Rose and Charlie Van Dyke, KFRC, 1974 (18:06)

Every morning, we reach three-quarters of a million people on this show, and I'm just glad they can't reach us...

Charlie Van Dyke of KHJ lost a bet to Dr. Don Rose of KFRC, and both are heard in this aircheck from 1974. As the loser, Van Dyke had to push Rose around Union Square in a wheelbarrow. Charlie and the Doctor shared the morning show before the big Push, and both try to one-up each other with one-liners.

Dick says the jingles on this 'check were the only PAMS jingles that KFRC ever had. Bobby Ocean is featured in a cameo near the end.

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B100-FM, San Diego, First Birthday, 1976 (3:07)

..No wonder you got fired at KHJ...

Real-Time Update! Bobby Rich himself wrote contributor Dick Stoddard about this aircheck:

B-100 signed on in 1975... I was the original pd. We turned off a Beautiful Music format and turned on high energy Top 40--targeted 12-24. A year later we celebrated with 100 hours commercial free... and we invited "friends" to come to San Diego and pull an hour or two. Many of those on the full tape (which I edited with hundreds of cuts!) were B-100 past, present (at the time) and future jocks. Others were just jocks we knew who wanted to be part of it. This tape has become a classic and I STILL hear about it regularly... usually from some jock or pd who tells me they play it at staff meetings to get the talent excited about how FUN our biz should be.

Bobby Rich, Beaver Cleaver, and Billy Pearl are featured in this clip, along with the Concert from Rock 'n' Roll Heaven.

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Terry Young, WCAU-FM, Philadelphia, 1982 (4:08)

Philadelphia's Number One Music Station...

It's more of Mike Joseph's Hot Hits, and Terry Young follows the format - which includes lots of energy, jingles, and minimum talk.

I like the way Young motor-mouths himself right to a post - and then quits.

Dick says the jingles are the original JAM "Hot Hits" package.

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Hollywood Hamilton on Z-100, NY, 1985 (3:42)

WARNING! WARNING! Secure the Women and Children...

It's Hollywood's Saturday Night Party, and you are invited to the "Last Untamed Radio Station in North America" - Z100, New York.

Hollywood Hamilton on The Flamethrower is a great example of some very HOT FM Top-40 of the 80's.

Dick got this aircheck from Hollywood himself, in August of 1985.

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