Caricature of Elizabeth Salazar by Bobby Ocean Caricature of Elizabeth Salazar by Bobby Ocean

Eric Chase, KGB, 1971 Eric Chase (aka Johnny Mitchell), KGB, 1971

Bobby Ocean, KGB, 196? Bobby Ocean, first appearance on the KGB Boss 30

The Elizabeth Salazar Collection

Elizabeth Salazar writes:

Born and raised in the heart of the City of the Angels in 1961, I consider myself fortunate enough to actually remember listening to KHJ in its infancy in the mid-60s and throughout its reign in the 70s.

Radio always intrigued me, as far back as I can remember. I was only five years old but I recall being completely mesmerized by the voices coming from the dash on the radio. Boss Radio had invaded my blood and I was hooked.

Years later, I'd do my homework with the radio on beside me. By that time, I was also listening to and being inspired by two new FM Top 40 stations in Los Angeles, KKDJ and K100. The jocks on both stations -- in particular Rich Brother Robbin, Humble Harve, Jay Stevens, Jim Carson and Kris Erik Stevens -- were, unbeknownst to them, leading me towards a career in radio.

But the one jock who was the definite catalyst for me was Eric Chase, who at the time energized his way through evenings at K100. He unwittingly and unknowingly had an exalting effect on me that soon saw me following in his and the others' footsteps. At age 16, I enrolled in a broadcasting school in West Hollywood.

I was quite the oddity--the only teenager and the only female in the class. At 17, I graduated from high school, got my 3rd phone and my first job in radio--all in the same month. I began at KWEST in Los Angeles, an AOR that never made it to the ranks of crosstown KMET, the powerhouse AOR in the late 70s. I worked my way up from go-fer to on-air within 6 months. Fete acompli!

In 1982, I married Bobby Ocean, who by then was also working at the new CHR-incarnated KWEST. That same year we moved back to his hometown, San Francisco, and soon afterwards began our own production / voice-imaging business that continues to this day. We're based in Marin County, north of the Golden Gate.

I guess that first "KFRC Good Bye" in 1975 set the stage for Bobby's eventual return to San Francisco. After all, he had declared on that now-famous farewell show "...if all there is is here and now, surely we'll bump into each other once again..."


[Descriptions by Elizabeth Salazar]

Bobby Ocean's "Last" Show, KCBQ, June 18, 1971
This was the first of what was to become a string of "last" shows for Bobby, here and elsewhere. By 1971, with ten years' experience under his belt, Bobby had finally become disillusioned with radio. Working in conjunction with Buzz Bennett and helping to succesfully reposition KCBQ while stealing KGB's thunder and dominance in the market in early '71, he felt the time was right for him to leave the business altogether while he was still on top.

He was to rethink that decision five months later while finding himself digging ditches for a living in Northern California.

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The Best of Eric Chase, KFRC, 1973
Compiled and produced by Eric Chase's then-engineer at KFRC, George Zema. Listen as Chase hits his posts and vocals with aplomb, sustaining the required energy throughout.

Is it no wonder I was inspired by this madman? The Drake Organization taught him well.

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Bobby Ocean Goes on Vacation, KFRC March 1973

Obviously, Bobby had cabin fever, as he couldn't wait to go on vacation, telling everyone who'd listen -- including all of Northern California -- he was on his way to Maui to lay in the sun. He broke format in order to get his point across just in case it was missed the first time.

The Eric Chase crossover at the end of the aircheck shows how much fun Ocean was really having, to the bemusement of Chase. Produced by Bobby's then-engineer, George Zema, whom he's always referred to as "Flawless."

George Zema and Bobby Ocean
"Flawless" George Zema
with Bobby Ocean

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KFRC 25th Anniversary Compilation (1966-1986) (2/91) (21:41)
Bobby and I researched, wrote, produced (and he narrated) the commemorative CD from which these aircheck compilations are excerpted. These captured KFRC on-air moments would not have been possible without the pack rat tendencies of the following people: KFRC engineers Phil Lerza, George Zema, Steve Rood and KFRC alumni John Catchings, Albert Lord and Ron Hummel.

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