GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Brother Bill Gable for his contribution of this GOLDEN GIFT.
G2 5.0 compatibleTOP STREAM 32Kbps (11KHz)

PLAY Brother Bill Gable, WLW Cincinnati OH 1997 (20:37)

. . . which reminds me, I think I forgot to floss this morning . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

In December of 2002, Brother Bill Gable (ex: CKLW and Bill Gable Voiceworks) contributed three hi-fi exhibits to REELRADIO. This is the first, presented in April, 2009.

This sparkling, professionally polished exhibit features segments of Bill and Dave Green, (evil engineer Damien and others) filling in for vacationing Gary Burbank on WLW.

It was summer, 1997. This entire exhibit is very entertaining! It's a genuine radio show.

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