GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Kevin Gershan, Ron Jacobs, and Bill Mouzis for this excellent exhibit.
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. . . Ladies And Gentlemen, The Beat Goes On . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Bill Mouzis passed away January 7, 2013 at age 90. Ron Jacobs wrote what will serve as an excellent introduction to this exhibit, and it is quoted here.

Some of you know of the late Bill Mouzis, others may not. Those of us who worked with him at KHJ Radio in Los Angeles and all who knew him are in mourning over his passing. Back in the mid-Sixties in major broadcast markets such as LA the stations were obligated to utilize union engineers to operate the control boards. At KHJ, for instance, the Boss Jock had but one switch in the on-air studio. It was used to turn the microphone off and on. Bill was the first board operator on The Real Don Steele Show. As in-house production requirements increased Bill became our full time Production Director. I was privileged to write and produce KHJ's non-stop high octane station "promos," always with Bill at the controls.

Picture Of
Bill Mouzis, 2007, and 1967

Exhibit Description by Kevin Gershan

This montage includes 93 original exhibits, and starts with a special 93/KHJ "Silver" jingle by Johnny Mann for the Boss Radio 93/KHJ 25th Anniversary in 1990, followed by a series of some of the best of the 93/KHJ Boss Radio promos from 1965-1969. All promos written by Ron Jacobs, recorded, edited and mixed by Bill Mouzis and voiced by Robert W. Morgan.

1. Boss Radio - Ladies And Gentlemen The Beat Goes On (Bill Drake)
2. 93/KHJ Silver Jingle (Johnny Mann Singers)
3. Little Deuce Jocks [Boss Jock Lineup Promo] (The Beach Boys)
4. History Of Rock & Roll Promo (Robert W. Morgan)
5. KHJ Memory Bank Promo (Robert W. Morgan)
6. 1967 Top 300 Book Promo
7. Boss Jock Sing-A-Long Promo
8. Batphone Secret Number Contest (Adam West and Burt Ward)
9. Buffalo Springfield Words Contest (The Real Don Steele)
10. Buffalo Springfield Words Contest Phoner (The Real Don Steele)
11. I Want To Hold Your Hand (Johnny Williams)
12. Born Free (Bobby Trip)
13. He'll Have To Go (Humble Harve)
14. Simon & Garfunkel at Hollywood Bowl
15. Summer Of The Big Kahuna (Robert W. Morgan)
16. KHJ 1968 Pontiac Grand Prix Contest
17. Sandy Reed Riverside Raceway Grand Prix Contest (RWM)
18. Mr. Whisper Contest (Robert W. Morgan)
19. Mr. Whisper Contest Clue (Robert W. Morgan)
20. Tiny Tim Contest (Robert W. Morgan)
21. Tiny Tim at Santa Monica Civic (Humble Harve / Charlie Tuna)
22. Tiny Tim Hometown Days (Robert W. Morgan)
23. The KHJ Laugh-In Promo (Charlie Tuna)
24. The Doors at the Hollywood Bowl (Robert W. Morgan)
25. Steppenwolf at Hollywood Bowl
26. 2nd Annual KHJ Appreciation Concert (Robert W. Morgan)
27. Morgan with The Monkees at Hollywood Bowl (Robert W. Morgan)
28. The Monkees at the Hollywood Bowl Concert Promo
29. KHJ Second Birthday 1967 Pontiac Firebird 400 Convertible
30. The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl Ticket Contest
31. KHJ Top Ten Jackpot Contest Promo (Robert W. Morgan)
32. KHJ Top Ten Jackpot "Titles" Contest Promo (Robert W. Morgan)
33. Mustang GT Magic Key Contest (Robert W. Morgan)
34. Little Deuce Jocks/Mustang GT (The Beach Boys / Real Don Steele)
35. Granada Hills High School Highlanders
36. Grant High School Football
37. Sonny & Cher Back To School Promo
38. KHJ 20/20 News Disaster Promo
39. Jock In The Box Contest Promo
40. The Rolling Stones In Concert Tickets Promo
41. Sonny & Cher Backstage after 2nd concert
42. KHJ Secret Sound Contest Promo
43. KHJ Secret Sound Jackpot Winner
44. KHJ Phone A Stone Contest
45. The Rolling Stones Concert Promo (Tommy Vance)
46. Keith Richards Rolling Stones Promo
47. Bill Wyman Rolling Stones Promo
48. Brian Jones Rolling Stones Promo
49. Great Gobble Of The Big Boss Bird Thanksgiving Turkey Promo
50. The KHJ Christmas Wish Holiday Promo
51. The One-Armed Bandit Contest Promo
52. Million Dollar Weekend Promo
53. Million Dollar Weekend (This Afternoon) Promo
54. Seven Most-Wanted Cars In America Contest
55. Top 300 of All-Time Promo
56. KHJ Time Bomb Contest Promo(Robert W. Morgan)
57. The Big Kahuna Comes To Boss Angeles Kahuna Coconut Contest
58. The Legend Of The Big Kahuna (Robert W. Morgan)
59. Happy New Year 1967 from KHJ Los Angeles
60. Humble Harve "Hello Happening"
61. 1967 "Car Of Your Dreams" Contest
62. The Mamas and the Papas at the Hollywood Bowl
63. All-Time Top 300 Voting Promo
64. Boss 30 Double Golden Album (Robert W. Morgan)
65. Boss 30 Double Golden Album Micro Segments
66. Million Dollar Battle Contest Promo
67. Graduation Congratulations 1968 Promo
68. Young Rascals, Tommy James, Animals Concert Promo
69. Tiny Tim Sings Jock Jingles
70. Boss 30 Number Contest
71. Rolling Stones Beggar's Banquet Album Promo # 1
72. Rolling Stones Beggar's Banquet Album Promo #2
73. Rolling Stones Beggar's Banquet Album Promo #3
74. KHJ Safecracker Contest Promo #1
75. KHJ Safecracker Contest Promo #2
76. KHJ Safecracker Contest Winner
77. Simon and Garfunkel at the Hollywood Bowl (Johnny Williams)
78. Jimi Hendrix Experience Concert Tickets Promo (Humble Harve)
79. Beatles Yellow Submarine Movie Tickets Promo
80. Beatles Yellow Submarine Movie Tickets (Harpsicord) Promo
81. George Harrison Yellow Submarine Promo
82. Happy Thanksgiving 1968 + Christmas Wish Promo
83. 1968 Christmas Wish Promo ($25)
84. Merry Christmas from Boss Radio
85. What is the #1 Record of 1968? - Big 93 Countdown
86. KHJ 1969 Thousand Dollar Flashback (Robert W. Morgan)
87. Have A Happy New Year with Boss Radio
88. 93 Hits Flashback Winner (Robert W. Morgan)
89. KHJ History Of Rock & Roll Promo
90. Tina Delgado Know And Believe Badge Promo
91. Seven Most-Wanted Cars In America Contest
92. KHJ's First Birthday Anniversary Annual
93. KHJ's First Birthday Bash

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