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PLAY Bob Walker WTIX New Orleans October 12, 1972 (01:03:58)

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. . . WTIX, New Orleans — Dynamite! . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Bob Walker is filling in for morning guy Real Robert Mitchell on WTIX, so we would certainly expect him to stick to the format, and offer little more than title, time and temp. But, we do get a comedic bit about the world's oldest man, and a faux news report from Max Sanderson, who was undoubtedly a feature of the regular host. As with other WTIX recordings of this period, there's a time-chime, but no reverb.

Craig Roberts offers a 20/20 newscast that is mostly local, and the playlist is Hit Top 40 with deliberate and delightful New Orleans seasoning. Nice slate of spots, too. This station was a money maker and enjoying a long history of success as a Storz station.

Along the long, long trip to REELRADIO, what was probably a studio recording was subjected to some hard-core "ducking" (noise-reduction), so there are some ragged edges in this one, and authentic AM narrowband sound because everything above 6Khz is just hiss, anyway! Still, it's a very nice hour and quite tasty at times.

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