GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Jerry Martin for this exhibit. Jerry worked his first radio job at age 14, when he was hired by KSLM-AM (Salem, OR.), to record Portland Trailblazer basketball games for tape delay broadcast. He worked as a "casual employee" of KSLM and sister KSLM-FM (later KORI and KSKD) from 1971 until 1979 and again in 1984/85. Thanks, Jerry!
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PLAY Drake-Chenault Syndication and Jingle Demos, 1973 (01:08:07)

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[Descriptions by Jerry Martin]

Featured here are elements from a Drake-Chenault promotional package, distributed in the early 70's as a two LP set. From this promotional set are the demos for The Top 100 of the Sixties, Hitparade, Solid Gold, Classic Gold, The History of Rock and Roll and the jingle packages Series One and Double A, along with the liner notes describing the products. The demo and the following promotional text is © 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972 & 1973 by Drake-Chenault Enterprises Inc.


PLAY The Top 100 of the Sixties (10:12)
"A 12-hour countdown of the 100 most popular records of the decade, this special has proven very effective as a holiday or week-end bonus package. This program also provides 12 commercial availabilities per hour."

PLAY Hitparade (12:08)
"Hitparade is a bright, contemporary, middle-of-the-road format which does very well in the all-important 18-49 demographic. Created in 1968, Hitparade is now being aired on more than 30 AM and FM stations around the country and the world."
[REELRADIO: from WLCY-FM Tampa-St. Petersburg]

PLAY Solid Gold (13:11)
"Solid Gold is a modified Top 40 format with a heavy emphasis on gold, performing well for our clients in over 30 markets. Solid Gold is available with 2 options: 1) 60% gold / 40% current and, 2) 40% gold / 60% current. In addition, the format can be tempo-controlled in various dayparts to appeal to specific demographic groups."
[REELRADIO: from KXOA-FM, Sacramento, CA.]

PLAY Classic Gold (15:38)
"Classic Gold is one of the country's most successful "All-Oldies-All-The-Time" formats ... 100% hits. In just one rating period, KRTH, Los Angeles, with Classic Gold, vaulted to within one point on #1 in adults 18-34 - total week ARB - out of 72 stations in this highly competitive market. Classic Gold can now be heard in many markets across the nation."
[REELRADIO: from KRTH-FM, Los Angeles, CA., includes jingle demo]

PLAY The History of Rock and Roll (13:07)
"This classic 50-hour "rockumentary" traces the history of modern mass appeal through original recordings and brief interviews with the legendary artists who made it all happen. Widely acclaimed by the press, "The History of Rock and Roll," has made a huge impact in more than 200 markets where it has aired worldwide. It has consistently proven to be an excellent revenue builder."

PLAY Series One Jingle Demo (1:46)
"These distinctive jingles, specially produced with your call letters, feature the Drake-Johnny Mann Sound used on major stations in New York, Los Angeles, Boston and many other markets nationwide."

PLAY Double-A Jingle Demo (2:22)
"Our Double A customized jingle package features the super talent of 25 top-fight musicians on the music beds and a bright driving sound that can make your station stand out in your market."

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