GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Anthony Reda of Northport, N.Y. for his contribution of Dale Dorman on WRKO Boston, in May of 1973.
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PLAY Dale Dorman, WRKO Boston, May 1973 (01:02:00)

. . . I'm out of it this morning, that's what I am . . .

[Description by Anthony Reda]

Here's a bit more than an hour of Dale Dorman on WRKO from May, 1973.

There's also about five minutes of WMEX around the 40-minute mark (I guess I got bored) but after listening to Loudon Wainwright's Dead Skunk... followed by The Rolling Stones, I switched back.
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Some of Dorman's antics were a little silly, but here and there, his wit shines through. The word "crap" was cut from Paul Simon's Kodachrome, and later into the song, Dale comments that it's the "album version" (or maybe he just misjudged the length?) On the intro to Tie A Yellow Ribbon he sees ribbons on all the trees at the park and then adds he was "in" for bigamy. Goofy? Maybe, but I must have thought him funny enough to record before I moved back to the land of WABC.

Dale Dorman passed away on October 25, 2014 following a long illness. He was 71.

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