GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Hy Marx for this great Big Dan aircheck!
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. . . Oooh, I stepped on the doo-doos . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Big Dan Ingram is in wacky weekend mode for this aircheck covering a couple hours of his show from Saturday, July 20, 1968. The music has been restored, but a substantial portion of the commercial and news content was not included. (The Number One song was repeated and not restored the second time.) However, Charles Garrett is heard with news (with loud and raucous noises in the background), and in the final minutes of this exhibit, young squealing Kenny is also featured.

Dan had a late lunch (or an early dinner?) this Saturday, as he's still working on his roast beef sandwich shortly after 4PM, and extensive details of his lunch are included. Temperatures are in the high '80's and Dan has the tanning demos covered with both Johnson's Baby Oil and Coppertone. There's a truly classic Coca-Cola spot with Aretha Franklin, and Dan thanks Chuck Leonard for the tag.

A great selection of jingles, but when one cart goes muddy, Dan has to fix it and "earn his maintenance wings".

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