GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Bruce Bonner of Baltimore, Maryland for this very rare recording of Baltimore's WITH and Danny Sheelds from January 19, 1964.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32.0Kbps (7.5KHz)
PLAY Danny Sheelds WITH Baltimore 1964 (28:38)

. . . throw a pie at a Big WITH Good Guy . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky ]

Armed with a wicked sawtoothed time-tone, a recurring acapella and even a PAMS jingle or two, Danny Sheelds (Adorable Dan the Pussycat Man) is LIVE and UNEDITED on the Sunday Hall of Hits from Baltimore's wonderful WITH.

This amazing aircheck was recorded on January 19, 1964. It includes an interview with the producer of the last performance at Ford's Theatre (in 1964). And yes, Fats Domino "stubs his toe" a few times while he's "Walkin'". Hey, that happened with records and turntables. Despite some problems finding the right start button, Adorable Dan makes easy work of the bells-and-whistles newscast.

This is an unscoped and very narrowband aircheck, and even though the fidelity is limited, we are happy to pay music licensing fees for When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes and the other musical treasures included here, at least one of which is a total mystery (The Stratfords?), a boy and girl group. I suppose the "boy" was named "Chad" or "Chip" (and had many V-neck sweaters) and the "girl" was named "Betty", "Beth" or "Sue", (and had many nice dresses but sensible shoes. And never wore white after Labor Day.)

What an adventure to hear this bit of Baltimore, 1964! Our thanks again to contributor Bruce Bonner for this wonderful selection of Baltimore Top 40. Great fun with lots of production elements, in-line features (Twin Spins, Buddy Deane Discovery) and exciting promos and community announcements! This was a LOCAL radio broadcast, back when radio stations were regulated and required to serve their signal area and actually compete as stand-alone stations for advertising dollars.

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