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PLAY Danny Williams, WKY Oklahoma City OK 1969 (07:08)
All Former WKY & KOMA Personalities from the 50s, 60s & 70s were invited to join the The Koma Fan Jam, on Saturday, April 17, 2004.

. . . Expect the unexpected, in an evening of true heaviness . . .

[Description by contributor Fred Hendrickson]

Above all others, Danny Williams is an Oklahoma legend! A pioneer radio and television broadcaster here since 1949, in 2004, at age 77, he's in his 13th year as morning man for KOMA. No one could touch him in his years 6-9am on WKY (about 1955-1981), except possibly KOMA's Paul Miller (who became Harrigan of Charlie & Harrigan.) Danny was WKY's PD during that entire time. This aircheck is from a Saturday night fill-in for me in 1969.

Danny was Assistant PD of WKY-TV, and had numerous, long-running, highly rated TV programs, including Championship Wrestling, the daily variety show Dannysday, and the children's show 3-D Danny on which his character Dan D. Dynamo was a spaceman from another planet. Through a space-time warp, that character also became part of another long-running children's show Forman Scotty, on which Chuck Dunaway played the character Hog Waller.

Pictures are featured on Danny's site Danny Williams Adventures in Radio and Television for 7 Decades, and Chuck's site www.chuckdunaway.com, where Chuck refers to Danny fondly as perhaps his greatest PD. Everyone who grew up in Oklahoma knows who Danny is!

Danny Williams was 85 when he passed away on February 20, 2013. He had been retired from KOMA for three years.

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