GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Richard Fatherley (Radio's Revolution and the World's Happiest Broadcasters) for this Golden Gift.
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PLAY John Goodman Remembers KXOK (WFXB St. Louis, 1992) (10:39)

. . . What I remember most about it is Johnny Rabbit Army . . .

[Description by Richard Fatherley]

Johnny Rabbit Army Card
A Johnny Rabbit Army Card, 1960's
Chapman Recording (Kansas City) is pleased to present these excerpts from a 1992 Sunday morning program on WFXB, 101.1 FM in St. Louis, hosted by Dave Moore.

It features the reminiscences of KXOK voices Robert R. Lynn, Nick Charles, Delcia Devon — and a surprise telephone guest and KXOK fan, actor John Goodman.

(Introduction by Richard Fatherley, includes a portion of Johnny Rabbitt, KXOK St. Louis, 1966)

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