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PLAY John Hancock, Robert Murphy, Larry Sprinkle, WBT Charlotte NC 2007 (55:59)

. . . I think we all know what deregulation has done to the industry . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

It was September 27, 2007 when John Hancock hosted this program with Robert Murphy and Larry Sprinkle on his nighttime radio program at 50KW WBT in Charlotte, North Carolina.

At the time of this broadcast, Robert Murphy had been out of work for "nearly two years" and Larry Sprinkle was a weatherman on a Charlotte TV station. Robert Murphy In The Morning had six successful years following the dominance of Jack Gale and Jay Thomas on BIG WAYS/610 and WROQ-FM. He had another eleven years in Chicago at WKQX/Q101 in Chicago.

There are excerpts from Murphy's BIG WAYS era, including Mr. Codgers and Pass The Loot, and a lot of first-person recollections of working for station owner Stan Kaplan.

As of the publication of this exhibit on October 13, 2013, John Hancock has returned to WBT, and Robert Murphy spent six months at WILV-FM in Chicago in 2011 and 2012. People who can somehow still make a living in radio are moving around all the time, so we welcome comments on the updated whereabouts of these talented performers.

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