GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Rob Sidney for this Golden Gift of Big Ken Cocker on WNDE. Rob grew up watching cartoons in the control room of the UHF station managed by his Aunt and Uncle in York, PA. Rob's first radio job was at WLPL in Baltimore at the age of 16. As of February 2003, Rob was Director of Programming and Operations at Jefferson-Pilot's WLYF 101.5 Lite FM in Miami.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 44.1Kbps (20KHz)
PLAY Big Ken Cocker WNDE Indianapolis 1978 (05:09)

. . . I'm thinking about all the houses of ill repute . . .

[Description by Rob Sidney]

This is Big Ken Cocker's second-to-last night on the air before moving to afternoons at WMET Chicago — at the ripe old age of 21.

There's no doubt that Ken, having grown up in the Chicago suburbs, idolized Larry Lujack and the heritage of WLS; in fact, WNDE sounds very much like 'WLS Jr.', with the tight playlist, reverb, shotgun jingles and contest 'touch-tones'. At one point, young Ken even refers to himself as 'the sta-a-arrr of the nighttime', effecting a rather Lujack-esque growl.

Following his stint at WMET, Ken landed at WLUP and some surburban Chicago outlets before spending most of the 80's at country WUSN('US99'), and the 90's at WPNT ('FM 100'). As of February 2003, he was handling swing at Chicago oldies stalwart WJMK ('Magic 104.3') and dabbles as a golf pro.

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