GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to consultant Pete Salant for his many contributions, some of which (ie: Nine) were submitted to the Repository by others. So, although we've enjoyed Pete's classic Top 40 parodies for some time, this is the first to actually be submitted by Pete.

PLAY Lemuel Ropnoodle on KRAP, Poo Poo N.C. 1974 (06:35)

. . . I was responsible for a nine hour airshift each day on both AM and also FM dials . . .

by Pete Salant
It's the last night of September, 1974. Scene: the 'quaint' Westbrook, Maine studios of WJBQ FM/AM, Portland, 34 creaky steps above the hardware store, just down the road from the fragrant paper mill. I'm the 20-year-old afternoon drive jock at 'JBQ, having been there for nearly two months, since a few days after the debut of its soon-to-be-legendary mono Top 40 format. Itching to move on, the trek to that next big job begins as I bravely venture into the Marconi-equipped production studio to turn several days' worth of airchecks into a masterpiece. In the process of "augmenting" the airchecks, the turntables skip and mistrack, the cart machine only starts when it sees fit, and I give up.

I wisely turn my frustration into creativity as for the next four hours I become 'Lemuel Ropnoodle,' former drive jock at K-R-A-P, Poo Poo, North Carolina (a little known "K" station east of the Mississippi), ad-libbing my way through the very real studio malfunctions, overdubbing jingle and song vocals with myself using one working reel deck and that tricky cart recorder, and producing 7 minutes of virtual insanity. By the way, two weeks later, after sending out my real WJBQ aircheck, I landed at already-legendary WAVZ, New Haven for most of the next six years until moving on to New York City to program WYNY.

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