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PLAY Larry Lujack, WLS Chicago January 27, 1978 (56:14)

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. . . I'm a rude person . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Actually, Larry Lujack is very pleasant, perky and professional, all the way through this near-hour from January 27, 1978. Good thing, because it's a terrible morning in Chicago, there's been a huge blizzard, highways are closed, and Chicago's O'Hare airport has been closed for only the fourth time. Scores of schools and colleges have been closed, and once again, we hear the value of a LOCAL radio service — even though this one had 50,000 watts.

The WLS newscasts in both the full and 'scoped exhibits are outstanding. Jeffrey Hendrix and Cathy McFarland do notable duty, as does sports guy Bill Frink.

I always thought motormouthed pitchman Tom Campbell was a west-coast-only phenomenon, but here he is, selling waterbeds in Chicago (and Larry takes a shot!) The current promotion is Instant Summer, predictably desirable when local temperatures are in single digits. And Lujack's Klunk Letter is a classic, as he explains why he didn't appear on Bob Sirrot's TV show as a rock 'n' roll radio expert. AND - listen as Larry tells his engineer to STOP THE RECORD — he wasn't finished talking, yet.

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