GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to ex-Buffalonian John Bisci, Public Relations Manager of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, for this classic WKBW special.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 20.7Kbps (7.5KHz)
PLAY WKBW: Paul McCartney Is Alive And Well - Maybe, 1969 (01:02:15)

. . . Paul McCartney is alive and Well - Maybe . . .

[Description by John Bisci]

50,000-watt WKBW (1520) in Buffalo, N.Y., orginally ran this on Halloween night, 1969, when the "Paul is Dead" theory was in vogue. They re-aired it on Halloween in 1972. They did the same with War Of The Worlds, repeating it a couple of years after the original.

PLEASE NOTE: This recording had limited frequency response and a very high noise level. Music was edited for technical reasons. Comments about WWKB and the voice-tracked cluster station in Buffalo, circa 2003, belong here.
The Voices on this broadcast are KB DJs Danny Neaverth, Sandy Beach, Stan Roberts and Program Director Jefferson Kaye. Neaverth, Roberts and Beach are long-time Buffalonians. Kaye did some voiceovers for NFL Films.

I remember trick-or-treating with my cousins in North Buffalo and carrying my little white GE transistor radio with me so I could hear it. (I "earned" that little radio by selling raffle tickets for St. Lawrence Church.) I was 12 — and horrified when Jeff Kaye told us that our hair and nails grew after we died!

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