GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Michael Plath for this rare piece of upstate New York radio history.
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PLAY Sande & Greene Color Radio Jingles for WTRY Troy NY (04:27)

. . . Color Radio is here! . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

Thanks to Don Worsham, author of The Hits Between The Hits, for the story behind these jingles.

These Color Radio jingles were created by Bob Sande and Larry Greene in 1958 for GM Bob Purcell, Crowell-Collier and KFWB, Los Angeles. Purcell had hired Chuck Blore from Gordon McLendon's KLIF in Dallas. Blore brought the Color Radio phrase with him, and wanted to use it on KFWB. Bill Meeks of PAMS had also used the phrase on Series #6 for WKDA in Nashville.

Color Radio was the first jingle package by Sande & Greene, and it was also the name of the new KFWB Top 40 format. The jingles had a big-band Henry Mancini or West Side Story sound, with an orchestra as large as 24 pieces and some of L.A.'s top vocal talent, including a young Johnny Mann. All the work was done in Los Angeles under The American Federation of Musicians, AFTRA and SAG contracts, and considered some of the most expensive jingles ever made.

While we don't know exactly when WTRY(Albany-Schenectady-Troy, New York) purchased the nine jingles featured in this composite, it was most likely in the early 1960s. Contributor Michael Plath also included a few WTRY personality promos, and portions of those have been mixed into the "donut" of the Color Radio personality jingle. Rebel, Steve Young, Ed Riley and Jay Stewart are featured, but again, it's unknown if these were the personalities on WTRY when the Color Radio jingles were used.

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