GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Jerry Clegg for this rare recording of WRPL in Charlotte, N.C., circa 1972.
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (10KHz)
PLAY Composite, WRPL Charlotte NC 1972 (18:38)

. . . Just because I take an upper in the morning, and a downer at night, my husband thinks I'm a drug addict . . .

[Description by contributor Jerry Clegg]

This WRPL (1540) aircheck is from 1972, during one of the many incarnations we tried to make it work. I'm first, just trying to keep up with these guys:

Gil Stamper, the respected former WBT/WBTV personality with news. Gil beat me into work every morning — even when it snowed. A real pro!
Bill Denton blew into town, I don't know from where, and blew out the same way.
Larry Lawrence aka Larry Sprinkle of Murphy In The Morning (WAYS) fame and "The Tidy Bowl Man", has been a Charlotte NBC-TV weatherman for years.
George Brown was the man behind the format. George was also PD for WIST, Charlotte; WMPS (Plough Broadcasting, Memphis), and WSJS, Winston-Salem. George was one of the best PDs in the business.
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