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. . . Tetrahydrozoline - I understand Don Steele smokes that stuff . . .

[Description by Contributor Michael Hagerty]

Charlie Van Dyke had not been on the air regularly since the summer of 1970 when he became Program Director at KGB, San Diego. In January of 1972, he got the call to drive up the freeway and do 9-Noon at KHJ, replacing Pete McNeal, a casualty of the Charlie Tuna-Robert W. Morgan shuffle in morning drive. (Pete got shipped up to KYNO, Fresno, and after a few months quit radio altogether.)

Van Dyke would be at KHJ only briefly — his choice. What would you do if WLS/Chicago called and offered you morning drive six months into middays in L.A.?

Van Dyke sounds great — but four LP cuts in the first hour alone?

Charlie Van Dyke, KHJ Los Angeles, January 24, 1972


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