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PLAYThe Last Day: KRIZ Phoenix July 14 1978 (1:09:26)

[Description by Michael Hagerty]

. . . Wonder if they're hiring white trash honkies like me? . . .

It's the end of 26 years of Top 40 as KRIZ prepares to change hands and go Christian — while still number one in the Arbitron!

KRIZ jocks George Briggs, Leslie Carter, Douglas Alan Davis, Les Dillon, Jack Elliot and Chuck Dean do it one last time, with guest appearances from former KRIZ employees Pat McMahon, Phil Kelly, Bruce Miles, Don Christie, Steve Casey, Bumper Morgan, Art Webb, Tony Mann, Joe Nasty, Carl Luba, Burt Goodman and L. David Moorhead, ("Guy Williams" in L.A., deceased 1996, VP Metromedia and CBS Radio.)


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