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PLAYLarry Lujack, Gary Gears WLS Chicago April 17, 1972 (50:17)

[Description by contributor Michael Hagerty]

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SCOPEDIf all you want is the jings and the jock and the news and the spots, this version's for you! Please remember that in addition to music licensing fees for the mostly UNSCOPED version, there are bandwidth and hardware costs for this 'SCOPED version, and anything streamed from REELRADIO. We welcome your support.
. . . here's the garbage truck, 8:45, right on time . . .

Just how close to the alley was WLS' air studio, anyway? Yes, you can hear the truck on the air! With Larry Lujack, it's part of the show (and better than most of the "garbage" on morning radio these days.)

Gary Gears follows, with Paul Harvey and Lyle Dean in between.

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