GOLDEN GIFT Our thanks to Mark Ogden (Mark O.) for these classic recordings of government-run, tax-sponsored BBC radio!
G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (7KHz)
PLAY Emperor Rosko Midday Spin, BBC Radio 1, London, September 30, 1967 (41:48)

. . . Radio 1 is WONDERFUL . . .

[Description by contributor Mark Ogden]

The Summer of Love was winding down, but onshore commercial-free pop radio in the United Kingdom launched like a Saturn rocket on this historic Saturday in September 1967. Here we have, in unscoped AM narrowband splendor, most of the sixth hour of BBC Radio 1's first day on the air. A sneak preview this was not, with the national press in attendance at the studio and millions of young listeners across the British Isles and nearby areas of continental Europe tuned in to hear what the new "pirate killer" was all about.

Picture Of
Young Emperor Rosko
Hip New Yorkers had their Rosko (Bill Mercer), however, to Britons this Los Angeles-born Emperor Rosko (Mike Pasternak, son of Hollywood producer Joe Pasternak) became the epitome of the jive-talking American disk jockey during his several decades on the national airwaves. The Emperor's skin may have been white, but he had clearly been consuming large quantities of soul gumbo in order to create this style of delivery. Reportedly Mike's influences included Emperor Bob Hudson at KFWB and early Wolfman Jack, and possibly he had spent enough time on the home front recently to soak in a little of The Real Don Steele.

The music selection in this show is mesmerizing — top-flight UK and West Coast rock, along with some tasty helpings of R'n'B and ska. The customized PAMS package captures the spirit perfectly, enhanced by several uses of the opening notes of Pink Floyd's "See Emily Play" as a quick stinger.

Pirate radio veteran Keith Skues is heard in the early moments, finishing off his Saturday Club show (in which he had been accompanied in the studio by the Bee Gees).

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G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (8KHz)
PLAY Emperor Rosko Midday Spin, BBC Radio 1, London, September 27, 1969 (1:03:30)

. . . take it away Jimi, one time, yeah, Hit It . . .

[Description by contributor Mark Ogden]

BBC Radio 1 Logo
BBC Radio 1 Logo
Emperor Rosko lets it all hang out during this high flying hour on a typically gray Saturday in London town from September 1969. The weather outside may have been dreary, but that posed no problem for the Emperor who, at times, rocks the needle up to "ten" on the energy meter with some of the most frenetic disk jockey patter yet heard.

Musically, we're winding it out in top gear with some very pleasing new and golden soul and emerging funk and reggae, an exclusive pre-release track from certain all-time rock heroes (as well as one from a latter-day villain), and one of our particular faves, pretty Miss Evie Sands, is singled out for especially tender treatment.

Listener dedications abound in the classic Radio 1 style, consuming airtime that would be devoted to commercial spots on a non-public station.

Leading off the hour is the rambunctious finale to the preceding show, unusually co-hosted by two British radio superstars, Kenny Everett and Dave Lee Travis. (Fellow Americans, please do not be disturbed by their loud remarks, they're just ribbing Rosko!)

Thanks to Scott Lowe for a version of this aircheck that is a bit longer and features much better fidelity.

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G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (8KHz)
PLAY Emperor Rosko Radio One Club, BBC Radio 1, March 4, 1970 (58:57)
Play Scoped This Exhibit 'SCOPED (17:19)

. . . How do you find the audiences take to a girl DJ? . . .

[Description by contributor Uncle Ricky from notes by contributor Mark Ogden]

Emperor Rosko and Brian Day take the show on the road for this remote broadcast from "beautiful downtown Exeter" on March 4, 1970.

It's the Radio One Club featuring live performances by lesser-known musicians, including Natural Birth and The Swamp.

This show isn't as tight or fast-moving as Rosko's studio shows, but there's a high level of listener participation, as well as a short interview with a female DJ named Barbarella.

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