Mom and Dad

Home Sweet Home

In 1937 Arthur and Florence Morgan gave birth to a bouncing baby boy named Robert W. Even then, their new son was destined to be in radio. After all, his parents initials were AM and FM.
one year old

Back home again
Robert & his younger brother Art Jr. grew up in the small Mid-Western town of Galion Ohio….where, as a boy, he listened to the hits of the day on Cleveland’s KYW. It was there his interest in radio began.

Robert W. Morgan's Galion Ohio, The Video.

High School and College

Robert’s radio rollercoaster ride really began in 1955 at Wooster College on WWST & WWST-FM…where he worked for one dollar an hour!

After college Robert moved to California to do the all night show on KACY, hosting "Kegler’s Spare Time with Bob Morgan" live from the Wagon Wheel Bowl.


In the Army

Fort Ord

1959 brought a stint at Fort Ord as a member of the United States Army. Using his mouth as effectively as his rifle…It was here where Robert got both his sharpshooter and sharp tongue medals. After his tour-of-duty was complete, he headed South to Carmel where he worked a two-man classical show with Marine Corps Heavyweight Champion Bob "K.O. Bailey" Elliot, on 500-watt KTEE.

After six months of symphonic stop sets it was on to do Morning Drive at Monterey’s KMBY, where he also ran the board for the Arthur Godfrey Show. Shortly thereafter, Morgan jumped to Watsonville’s KOMY…but only for a day. When he gave out KMBY’s request number, his former station was flooded with calls and they offered him his job back for five times his salary!

Monterey Bay

Then, it was on to the raisin Capitol of the world…Fresno, California where he first worked with the legendary Ron Jacobs...the eventual co-architect of what was to become "Boss Radio".

PLAY Robert W. Morgan, KMAK Fresno, 1962 (04:58)

Robert W. Morgan doing AFTERNOON drive at the age of 24, in Fresno, California, on KMAK in 1962. The jingles and Morgan himself say he's "Bob", but a suspiciously professional promo refers to "Robert W". This was still 3 years before KHJ, and PD Ron Jacobs was still doing morning drive. [Aircheck courtesy of Jay Marks.]

Following K-MAKE, he spent eight months at KROY, Sacramento before he wound up on San Francisco’s KEWB. It was here where he met long-time friend and partner-in-crime, The Real Don Steele.
The Real Don Steele



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