In 1970, Morgan left Los Angeles for greener pastures at Chicago’s WIND.

PLAY Robert W. Morgan, WIND, Chicago, 1970 (02:55)

Another radio icon, Wolfman Jack was a guest on his last show on KHJ before Robert left for the Windy City…While Chi-town turned out to be too cold for Morgan…his show was still hot…

Wolfman Jack
Robert W. Morgan & Wolfman Jack, KHJ, 1970 (14:05)


In November, he married his wife Shelley, who he met while she was working for KHJ Program Director Ron Jacobs.  
Lured back by the California sun he returned to KHJ in 1972, much to the delight of the Los Angeles listening audience…and quickly regained his throne as King of morning-drive radio in LA!
Robert W. Morgan, KHJ, 1972 (7:31)



It's 1974......Richard Nixon becomes the first U.S. President to resign from office...

Patty Hearst is kidnapped…

And, the drive-time duo of Morgan and Steele move down the street to K-100 FM. Just like 93 KHJ, this station was managed and programmed by Drake-Chenault…this time bringing their successful sound to the FM dial.

PLAY Robert W. Morgan K100 Montage (06:08)

Thanks to Woody Goulart ( for the K-100 presentation, a portion of which is included in this composite.


AUGUST, 1974,

Susanna Morgan is born...

and now the Boss Jock is a Boss Daddy...

Susanna Morgan

PLAY Robert W. and Susanna Morgan, 1976? (00:53)

"Not sure of the year, but Morgan Producer Mitch Lewis came across this one. Robert filled up a box with old cassettes from his garage. This appears to be Robert W. and his daughter Susanna singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm". From the sound of Susanna's voice, she's probably about two years old here, placing it sometime in 1976."

Brandon Castillo
former Morgan Producer

Fishing with dog - Echo

When he’s not entertaining Los Angeles, Robert W. loves to bass fish on California’s Sacramento Delta and listen to the Four Freshmen. He’s a voracious reader, an avid chess player and likes to collect Americana.

Four Freshman Memorabilia


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