In 1993 Robert W. Morgan was honored with a star on the World Famous Hollywood Walk Of Fame. No small accomplishment for the Guy once known as the "Rooster from Wooster"!

Danny Thomas

Over the years, Robert W. has also opened his microphone to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for countless charities, including Danny Thomas’ St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital, The California Highway Patrol’s ChiPs for Kids Toy Drive, The Variety Club "Cares For Kids" Radiothon and Permanent Charities….just to name a few.


KHJ 1969 Rate Card
Whatever radio station Robert W. was on…the ad dollars seemed to follow. The Robert W. Morgan Show has been the "gold standard" for live radio spots nationwide. Robert’s superb salesmanship has proven effective for all involved…selling out his time slot.


In 1994 Robert was one of the first five inductees into the National Broadcasters Hall Of Fame…along with broadcasting bigwigs Larry King, Ted Turner, Art Linkletter and Gary Owens.

     Don Imus, Veteran air personality and close personal friend of Robert W.’s, summed it up best...

What can be said about Robert W. Morgans's induction into the National Broadcaster's Hall of Fame?

"There’s been a terrible mistake!"

- Don Imus from NBHF Induction Ceremony in 1994

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