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I Love You (Three Little Tones) (2:06)
In Love With Logos!

...three little tones have just had their say
I Love You
Funny, but Honey, they sound that way...

Legend has it that G - E - C - those three notes - had a special meaning, originally, General Electric Corporation, the owner of the National Broadcasting Company. (Learn more about the NBC Chimes from Bill Harris.)

But now, we've learned those "three little tones" really meant "I Love You".

Contributor Bob Bell says he found this in the early '80's on a broadcast cart at the NBC Radio news bureau in Washington. His guess: dubbed from a 1930's transcription disk of a live broadcast.

Our lovestruck tenor seems so enraptured with those three little tones that we must wonder: How many other expressions of logo love remain unrecorded or undiscovered?

  • For Nine. tee. three. KAY. H. JAY
    • Hon. nee. I. do. love. you

  • For Sev. ven. tee. sev. ven. dub. ba. yoo. a. b. c.
    • Hon. nee. I. love. you. hon. nee. I. do. love. you

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