INTRODUCTION REELRADIO is pleased to present this exclusive interview with Pete Townshend, a founder of The Who. Our thanks to Mr. Townshend for his interest in REELRADIO.
Visit Pete at www.petetownshend.com.

by Richard Irwin
This interview is a gift from Pete Townshend to his friends and fans at REELRADIO. It started because Pete visited the site, got caught up in the magic of a few classic airchecks, and wrote me e-mail. I didn't believe it was him and asked for an interview. He agreed. I was, and am still, astounded - and flattered by the attention.

In this interview, recorded and edited between August and November of 2000, in Sacramento and Richmond U.K., we asked Pete Townshend to talk about radio, Internet radio, and the Internet, which he did, most eloquently. From the first listen, I was taken with his comfort and candor. He shares his recollections and predictions openly and personably... I figure REELRADIO made a good impression. All regular users and contributors to this site share credit for that.

I couldn't resist trying to make a radio program from the raw materials. Our questions were recorded on August 18th. Pete's answers were recorded on September 14th. The program was produced in October and November (2000). It runs just under an hour (58:34) and was presented in three parts.

Part One went online the week of November 26, 2000, and Part Three went online the week of December 10, 2000. Like the great majority of REELRADIO exhibits, all portions of this program will remain online indefinitely.


Zack Boles, Tony Cox, Dennis Newhall Joining REELRADIO founder Uncle Ricky as interviewers were ex-deejays Dennis Newhall and Tony Cox. Zack Boles is featured as our announcer. Nakamoto Productions in Sacramento provided the studio. All time was volunteered; everything was donated to REELRADIO. Thank you all.


Pete Townshend G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16Khz)
PLAYREELRADIO Listens to Pete Townshend, Part 1 (18:41)

. . . I'm hoping to start a small radio station attached to my website, and your site will be the place I come when I forget why I need to do it . . .

Part One: How this interview happened, Introductions, Pete's big ole comfortable chair and studio, Pete's email to Ricky, Pete talks about fun with Tony, the life and death of AOR with Dennis, and the great characters on REELRADIO. Also: AFN, Radio Luxembourg, Skiffle, the BBC, first impressions of AM radio in New York, Progressive radio and string quartets.



PART TWO A lot of the promise of Internet Radio
... is just that, a promise...
Pete Townshend G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16Khz)
PLAYREELRADIO Listens to Pete Townshend, Part 2 (18:47)

. . . my idea was to make jingles . . .

Part Two: American Top 40 in the U.K., Pirate Radio (from Tom Konard), Jingles and Sellout, PAMS 18, Murray The K, DeeJays we remember, should DeeJays make a difference? The promise of broadband streaming, the importance of radio today. Which format does Pete fit today? Lifehouse Chronicles, Scoop albums, Effect of Deregulation on music promotion, Psychoderelict.



PART THREE But let me tell you something,
you are going to get away with it.
Pete Townshend G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32.1Kbps (16Khz)
PLAYREELRADIO Listens to Pete Townshend, Part 3 (21:18)

. . . What I'm happy to know is that you want to copy my music . . .

Part Three: How do people know there's a new release out there, operating inside "The Loop", Lifehouse Chronicles, the benefits of radio for music, Napster, licensing fees, taping music off the radio, MP3, copyrights, effect of Internet distribution on new artists, Small Faces, pop music as a mirror of pop culture, How the Internet is changing the entertainment business, Can't have it! Do you feel more in touch with your fans? Radio drama on the Internet, Would Pete have been a broadcaster? What would be on the Pete Townshend Internet Radio Station? The Last Question, credits.




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