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We are all familiar with the iconic CRUISIN' series, re-creations of early Top 40 broadcasts, imagineered by the late Ron Jacobs (d. March 8, 2016). I must make it clear: Ron Jacobs did not authorize this revision, in fact, it would probably have made him furious.

When RJ got angry, he would demand his entire collection be removed. I actually had to do that once, until he calmed down. One time, he insisted I remove all KHJ airchecks when he was PD. I refused. He hung up, then kept bringing it up for months after. When he got angry, he was REALLY angry, he would yell, hang up, call back and scream some more. Everyone who knew him said this was to be expected. He lost his temper and yelled at everyone. So, I say again, Ron Jacobs would not approve of Rob Frankel's revisions to his work.

I don't know what insprired Rob to make the changes you will hear on his version, but nothing has been removed. This version runs a couple minutes longer than the original. He has added some things, notably the Johnny Mann Good Guy jingles and thematic beds created for WMCA. Interestingly, these would have been available to Ron Jacobs when he recorded the CRUISIN' series, since he had worked with Johnny Mann at KHJ. It's likely there were clearance issues.

In any event, Rob, based on listening to many WMCA airchecks, felt his version more accurately represented the actual sound of WMCA in 1963. It certainly is a more exciting aircheck this way. Judge for yourself, the original CRUISIN' 63 is here.

And to Ron Jacobs, wherever you may be, I did this because your great work deserves to be heard again, the revisions are accurate, and you can't yell at me anymore - yet. And don't get angry with Rob - he did it because it sounds good.



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