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PLAY Keeve Berman, KQV Pittsburgh, PA. August 7, 1962 (29:22)

. . . Yesterday we were talking about sending a boy to camp, there's been a change of plans - I'm going to Nassau . . .

Description by Uncle Ricky

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Keeve Berman moved to Pittsburgh in 1961 as part of the KQV news team, but he was also tapped as a D.J. for weekend and vacation fill-in. On this Tuesday morning, August 7, 1962, Berman is heard subbing for vacationing Jim Gearhart. Later, Berman continued his career in news at WOR and ABC Radio in New York.

Also featured: An intro and close to the sports report by Pie Traynor.

This is a studio recording, made prior to any station processing. We don't know if KQV was running reverb in 1962, and we've used minimal processing for this online version. Undoubtedly, this station sounded a bit more aggressive on the air.

Our thanks to The John Rook Collection for this rare recording. John joined KQV as Program Director in 1964.

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