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G2 5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32Kbps (12Khz)
PLAYPaul Drew, WAKE Atlanta GA., August 30, 1963 (29:49)

. . . Submarine race-watching time . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky]

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Contributor Sam Hale received this rare aircheck from Paul Drew himself, who kindly offered to share it with REELRADIO. (Thank you, Paul and Sam!) Drew, who went on to become Vice President of Programming for the RKO chain (1973-1977), is featured as a smooth-talkin' nightime DJ on Atlanta's WAKE, August 30, 1963.

A "time tone", lots of telephone dedications (complete with legally-required "beep" notification), a taste of yummy reverb (with accent button!) and some classic Top 40 music ("the boss sound of Baby Washington!") are all part of this nearly hi-fi Dixie delight. So is Hotline News, during which almost every story highlights the tension over race relations in the region.

And only "back in the day", when we played commercials from vinyl, could you conclude an aircheck by starting a spot for the new Doris Day flick at the wrong speed. Technology makes that kind of mistake nearly impossible today. But back then, nothing was impossible!

Paul Drew died of natural causes on May 16, 2013. He was 78.

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