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PLAYRed Jones, KILT Houston, July 17, 1961 (23:29)

. . . more listeners than any other station in the South . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky, Contributed by Sam Hale]

In recognition of the celebration of Red Jones' 57 years on the air (September 2005) in Atlanta, The Sam Hale Collection is pleased to present this rare aircheck of Red on KILT in Houston, Texas, from July 17, 1961. After his time at KILT, Red was the Program Director at WQXI in Atlanta.

This is the earliest recording of classic McLendon KILT in the Repository, complete with a contest promo for a "barrel of monkeys", spots for Pall Mall and Kent and a special weather suite of Pepsi jings "for those who think young."

And, full newscasts with Tom Beck include the announcement of the death of baseball great Ty Cobb, and the countdown for Virgil Grissom and the U.S.A's second manned space flight. This is truly a history "time capsule" for the children born after WWII — a true Boomer Rebound Sound from "The Big H" and "The Old Redhead", Red Jones.

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