David Strock, WXIL GM, 1974
David Strock, WXIL GM, 1976

WXIL sign above Studio Picture Window
WXIL sign above studio picture window in the Grand Central Mall in Vienna, WV.

David Strock, Joe Bello, MD
David Strock with
WXIL MD Joe Bello

Picture of Sunspot Sticker
WXIL Sunspot Window Sticker

David Strock 2004
David Strock 2004

The David Strock WXIL Collection Collection
David A. Strock was the President and CEO of Electrocom, Inc., a West Virginia corporation founded in 1971 with the specific intent of starting a new radio station. Dave writes:
"In 1971 Electrocom filed a Petition For Rule Making before the Federal Communications Commission to have the table of FM assignments changed to add Channel 236B (95.1MHz) to Parkersburg, WV. This Class B channel was to operate at 50KW. The Petition was challenged by three local broadcasters, but in 1974, the channel was assigned. This petition set precedent with the FCC in terms of assignment criteria which, in part, later influenced the famous (or infamous depending on your point of view) 80/90 docket. This, of course, opened up new FM spectrum across the US.

In late 1974 Triplett Broadcasting filed for the license on channel 236B forcing Electrocom to file within 30 days. Electrocom won the license, which had been set for a hearing, and was granted a Construction Permit in August, 1975. WXIL began broadcasting on November 28, 1975 at 12 noon (the day after Thanksgiving). The first ratings were Spring 1976 with WXIL overwhelmingly number one in all target demographics and dayparts. This trend only increased until the station was sold in 1980 to Burbach Broadcasting. The sale price at that time was the highest amount ever paid for a single radio station in the Parkersburg/Marietta market. The amount was (including my non-compete and all receivables thru 9/80): $1,064,000. Since then the ratings have steadily dropped.
Picture of Captain 95 (Rex Coombs) and WIXUL Woman (Marianna Morgan)
Captain 95 (Rex Coombs) and WIXUL Woman (Marianna Morgan)

I became General Manager just after the station went on the air and held that position until it was sold in 1980. In 1976, largely because of WXIL, Arbitron decided to combine the two separate markets of Parkersburg, WV and Marietta, OH into one market. 1976 was the first year that Arbitron surveyed every county in the US.

I was also the ultimate programmer of WXIL, though I always had a resident "Program Director." Joe Johnson was my first PD and contributed immensely to the project. Once things were decided, I backed away and let him roll. I did that with every employee I ever had, providing they followed the basic directions. I always encouraged individual talent.

WXIL was the highest-rated radio station in America with 64% of the 18-34 audience in certain dayparts, one third of the entire population of eighteen counties in West Virginia and Ohio, along with 98% of Teens in the ADI. (Source: Arbitron, April/May 1979, AQH and CUME Adults 18-34 and Teens 12-17.)"

For five years, under the management of Dave Strock, WXIL was recognized for contributions to the community in News, Public Affairs and Entertainment. Dave also enjoys photography and invites you to view his online WXIL Webshots album.

The Repository thanks David Strock for sharing his WXIL Collection!

[Descriptions by Uncle Ricky from notes by David Strock]

STEREO G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 64 Kbps STEREO (14 Khz)
PAMS WXIL Series 34-C Jingle Composite, 1975 (4:04)

. . . Another hour of Music Pow, Pow, Power! . . .

In STEREO, here's a composite of jingles from PAMS Series 34-C, Music Power. WXIL used the WABC logo, so these jingles will sound especially familiar to those who remember them from New York. The engineer for the WXIL sessions was long-time PAMS mixmaster Bruce Collier.

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STEREO G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 64 Kbps STEREO (14 Khz)
Joe Johnson, WXIL Parkersburg, WV. 1976 (9:43)

. . . I didn't know you could fly a Jet . . .

Picture of Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson

Picture of Neil Haislop
Neil Haislop

Program/Music Director "Keemosabe" Joe Johnson and News Director Neil Haislop are heard in this composite of WXIL from 1976.

Johnson came to Parkersburg from Tallahasee, where he was Program Director of WTAL. Haislop was a native of Parkersburg who returned after working in film and television production in Orlando.

Notice the heavy emphasis on Community service, as evidenced by the Rap Line promo and the public appearances announcement for the Ninety-Fivers at local schools.

Also included: Joe Johnson and an episode of Dick Orkin's Tooth Fairy feature (at 6:14), and Neil Haislop as traffic reporter Harvey Hover (at 8:38).

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STEREO G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 64 Kbps STEREO (14 Khz)
Uncle Dougger, WXIL Parkersburg, WV. 1976-1978 (Composite) (9:50)

. . . your lovable, huggable Uncle Dougger . . .

Picture of
Uncle Dougger
This is a composite of three Uncle Dougger airchecks from WXIL in 1976 and 1978.

As far as the public is concerned, Doug was easily our most recognized and favorite DJ.

He is remembered, affectionately, to this very day.

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STEREO G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 64 Kbps STEREO (14 Khz)
Rockin' Bobby Wayne (Larry Romans) WXIL 1979 (12:20)

. . . the last holiday season of the Seventies . . .

Picture of Larry Romans
Larry Romans is Rockin' Bobby Wayne, with a Grand Central Mall audience.
Here's a few minutes of Rockin' Bobby Wayne (Larry Romans) on WXIL-FM in afternoon drive, December, 1979.

Prior to WXIL, Romans was at WQBE in Charleston WV, where he also used the name "Bobby Wayne." Romans served as WXIL Music Director from 1979-1980.

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STEREO G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 64 Kbps STEREO (14 Khz)
Ron O'Brian (Joe Bello), WXIL Parkersburg, WV. 1979 (07:09)

. . . enough horsepower to pull the city of Parkersburg across the river . . .

Picture of Joe Bello and John Valeau
Joe Bello ("Big Ron O'Brian") and Sales Manager John Valeau
WXIL had more than one personality named after a Top 40 legend. In addition to Bobby Wayne, there was Big Ron O'Brian, the air name taken by Joe Bello, who was also Music Director and Sales Manager for the Famous 95. Joe Bello died in the late 1980's.

Full stopsets and multiple newscasts are included in this 'scoped sample of afternoon drive from Summer, 1979. WXIL was selling lots of time and they were very active promotionally - check out the number of sponsored events and personal appearances by WIXUL personalities on this day alone! Remember when local, independent radio stations were everywhere? The Demolition Derby is cancelled by rain, so they immediately substitute an all-night disco party. The Ninety-Fivers worked very, very hard for that 64 share.

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STEREO G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 64 Kbps STEREO (14 Khz)
Cy Jobes, WXIL Parkersburg, WV. 1979 (04:45)

. . . this song has got to be weird . . .

Cy Jobes meets our expectations for an off-the-wall, fun and fast-rappin' nighttime DJ on WXIL in 1979. And there's a 60 Second Newsbreak in "Teen" hours, too!

It's all reminiscent of the original Top 40 philosophy. To be The Best in the market, Do Things For Your Listeners, and present a variety of music.

In 1979 Parkersburg, it worked exactly as it should.

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