In 1977, John Long was Program Director of WHBQ in Memphis. Ron Brandon asked Long to serve as director of events at the upcoming Radio Music Report Convention in Atlanta. Arista records signed on as sponsor of the awards portion of the convention.

Long and WHBQ Production Director Carter Davis wrote "Air Wars", a parody on Top 40 Radio loosely based on characters from the movie Star Wars. The parody was part of a special promotional LP distributed by Arista at the convention. The audio presentation was choreographed with a company which produced laser shows and presented at the convention as a lead-in to the awards presentation.

The original parody debuted here in May of 1999. Prior to that debut, Long, Davis, and REELRADIO Repository contributor Rob Grayson began kicking around the idea of an updated "Air Wars". The script was finished in the Spring of 1999, casting calls went out, and the players recorded and sent their parts to Davis and production began.

After hours of assembly and fine tuning, we are proud to present the World Premiere of "Air Wars 3k, The Conglomerate Menace."

Produced by Carter Davis Creative Services
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AIR WARS 3K - The Conglomerate Menace
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