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Nearly all media on REELRADIO is streamed via a REAL MEDIA server. Audio and Video on this site is not for download; it is streamed to your computer in real-time. Our Real Server provides a media stream optimized to your connection speed.

Real Player is required to play almost all of the exhibits on this site. For the first couple of years we were online, Real Audio was the only streaming format. We would like to re-encode everything, but this is a massive project and will take lots of time.

Repository media files require a RealPlayer from Real Networks. REELRADIO is not affiliated with Real Networks. The BASIC player version is FREE, though you may have to look carefully to find it. The FREE player is sufficient for this site. We cannot and do not support any other player with this site. DO NOT try to use "Realtimes" or anything other than the player(s) listed in the next paragraph.

Tech Update March 2015: Real Networks (real.com) has abandoned their previous products. Links below are to a real.com archive of "old" free software:

Get RealPlayer 16 for Windows
Get RealPlayer for Mac (Note: Will not play 3.0 content)
Listening on iPad, iPhone, and Android devices

You will also need a minimum connection speed of at least 28.8 kbps. Audio fidelity will be limited on low-bandwidth dial-up connections. REELRADIO has some video files online, and you will need a "broadband" connection (DSL, Cable, etc.) to properly view video from this site.

 Mobile Listening

You can listen to exhibits that we have encoded for Apple and Android mobile devices! Here's what you need to know.

 Top Technical Issues
How do know if I am logged in?
You can see if you are logged in at https://www.reelradio.com/main.php. If you ARE logged in, you will see a customized WELCOME message on the left side of the screen. If you have tried to log in but do not see the WELCOME message, your browser may not be accepting our cookies, or your account may be expired and deleted.
How do I accept your cookies?
READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS to help you configure your browser to accept cookies from REELRADIO.
Do I need to configure my Firewall to accept streams from your server?
Particularly on Local Area Networks, you may need to configure your firewall or player to connect to the REELRADIO server. Real Networks offers RealOne Firewall Support.
Real Player Stops or Times-Out Before End of Exhibit on DSL Connection
You will need to configure your player for HTTP transport, ONLY. This has helped a number of Mac users, and it has also proven an effective fix for a number of PC users on ATT DSL. You should re-configure your Real Player for HTTP transport, only.
On Windows machines, the settings are available on Real Player from the Player toolbar, under "<</Tools/Preferences".
Can't Connect to our Media Server?
Regarding Multiple Connections from A Single Address and "ripping" our exhibits.
REELRADIO was not created as a download service. Major brick-and-mortar museums do not allow you to take the exhibits home, either. There is no reason to make multiple connections to our media server, other than for the purpose of copying our content. We stream for listeners, not downloaders. Transferring multiple exhibits in less time than it takes to listen to them is a violation of our terms of service.

If you are on a Local Area Network and require multiple connections for multiple computers, please have your System Administrator contact the curator. Otherwise, the use of multi-threaded "download accelerators" and deliberate attempts to circumvent our system software and create multiple connections to a single file or multiple files, or obvious ripping of site exhibits in less time than is required to listen to them may result in your IP address being permanently blocked.


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