Bob Mayben and Joanne
Bob Mayben and wife-to-be Joanne, WETO Gadsden Alabama, 1963

Bob Mayben 1973
Bob Mayben, WJBY Gadsden Alabama, 1973

Bob Mayben 1998
Bob Mayben, WMYU Oldies 102, Knoxville TN, 1998

The Bob Mayben Collection

Bob Mayben writes that his interest in radio began in 1958:

quote I went with my dad to visit his lawyer friend, who had an office in the Pioneer Life Insurance building in Gadsden Alabama. The building also was the home to the WCAS, 570 kc (a daytimer, then) studios. A big double glass window in the lobby held me at bay while I watched in amazement as a guy played records on these "HUGE" (16") turntables, while sitting at a science fiction movie-ish control panel. And thus began my love of the radio business.

I began listening to local and area radio stations. I was fortunate to be able to hear WSGN in Birmingham and witness the magic that Jim Tabor brought with him from WABB in Mobile. Then I discovered the "clears" that skip in at night. I still have my Cousin Brucie Fan Club card!

Got a minute? Bob invites you to look at yesterday's radio gear.
Since October 1963, I have made a living from this wonderful business which is also my hobby. I went up through the ranks of the stations in the area, WETO, WGSV, WPID, WAAX , and WCRL to finally become a PD of WJBY and WLJM-FM in my hometown. Eventually my interest went to the engineering side, and I have enjoyed being a "chief' at many stations in the southeast, including a stint as Engineer in Charge of the CNN Radio Network for "Ted".

Since 1999 I have been a salesperson for SCMS Inc., (selling broadcast gear of course), and I do a weekly oldies show for FUN 92.7 in Huntsville, AL. I have collected stuff on tape for too long, and thought I would share with you.end quote

The Repository thanks Bob Mayben for sharing!

[Descriptions by Bob Mayben]

G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 44.1Kbs (20Khz)
WFUN Miami News Production, 1961 (01:54)

. . . Any portion of the preceding fundamental news report is released for rebroadcast or publication to all news media twenty minutes from now . . .

When in Atlanta at WCNN, our PD was the same Bruce Bartley who had been at WFUN in Miami when they used this great material.

This (composite) is from the original 15ips master. (Don't ask).

[Listen to WFUN Fundamental News with Jay McKay and Britt Huey using these production elements and all the additional bells and whistles.]

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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32.0Kbs (16Khz)
Your Brother, AFVN DaNang South VietNam, 1969 (06:32)

. . . Do you realize ... how painful cracking nuts with your gums can be . . .

"Hey, I was at China Beach before it was a TV show." I recorded Your Brother on my Sony 250. This guy held court nightly on AM & FM, in the summer of 1969.

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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 32.0Kbs (16Khz)
Bob "Bobaloo" Mayben, WJBY Gadsden Alabama, 1972 (03:42)

. . . the cart machine won't start. There we go, please? . . .

Here is yours truly, "Bobaloo getting you home" on WJBY, Gadsden Alabama, in the summer of 1972.

This is a piece of small town radio trying to sound like the big boys. I sort of invented the Adult Contemporary format but didn't know it. We played something from Billboard's Easy Listening Top 40, a 1964 to current oldie, then a '55 to '64 oldie.

Oh well, at least the PAMS jingles are good.

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G2/5.0 compatible TOP STREAM 44.1Kbs (20Khz)
Coyote McCloud, WQXI Atlanta, GA. 1976 (06:08)

. . . a squatting ovation, don't you just love it . . .

When I was in Nashville at KIX 104, PD Mike St. John had managed to land Coyote McCloud as the morning guy.

Coyote has always been modest about his impressive history, but I did get him to let me dub this copy of a night in Atlanta on WQXI.

Coyote McCloud passed away April 6, 2011.

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