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PLAYRick Morgan, KAFY Bakersfield CA., March 1978 (06:57)

. . . teach your children - before the birds and bees beat you to it . . .

[Description by Uncle Ricky. Contributed by George Junak.]

This is a rare aircheck of teenager Rick Morgan on KAFY in Bakersfield, California. It was March, 1978, and Uncle Ricky was still Program Director. Owner Darren McGavren had replaced Gary Burns as General Manager, and I had agreed to move the KAFY format into an older demo, which is reflected in the music mix. Rick, I think, was no older than 18 at the time of this aircheck.

Rick was the perfect jock - an enthusiastic young guy who was always on time, willing to do more, and nearly flawless on-the-air. Mechanically, there was none better, and this brief aircheck captures the polished wit of the youngster who became better known as Rick Gillette.

After I left for Sacramento, and Rick did college, he joined me at KROY in Sacramento, just long enough to hop over to KSFM (FM-102), where after his jump to 13K in San Diego, he returned to FM-102 for the PD position at Sacramento's first CHR/Top-40 FM. He moved on to program WHYT and WQKI in Detroit, took an offer as Vice-President of Programming for DMX Music in L.A. for a number of years, and until August of 2008, he was programming WKSC/KISS-FM in Chicago. He returned to L.A. to be closer to family. As of 2011, Rick is programming KZON and KOOL in Phoenix, Airzona.

Rick also called me on Elvis' birthday (which is also my birthday) for several years, including 2009 - when this exhibit was posted.

Thanks to George Junak of California Aircheck. George recorded this himself, from the FM cable feed we offered for listeners in the "south area" of the city, who couldn't listen to KAFY (550Khz) on most AM receivers without a horrible squeal. The squeal was caused by proximity to the KPMC transmitter at 1560. George says that the cable FM service "leaked" into his FM receiver. This accounts for the bursts of "FM-type" noise and interference you will hear.

[From California Aircheck KERN and KAFY Composites, 1978]


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